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Photographs and digital images

Many groups will have photographs of camps, events, and members.  These can provide a fascinating visual history of the group.  Photographs are very sensitive and need to be stored and handled correctly; here are some easy top tips.

·         Store photographs in a dry dark place; avoid using any kind of adhesive to stick photographs into albums.  Acid free boxes are available but in the home good quality plastic storage boxes are a good alternative.

·         Don’t place in standard stationary plastic wallets, these can degrade overtime and cause damage to the photographs.

·         Try to avoid excessive handling of photographs as the natural oils in your skin can leave finger-marks on the image.

·         Support photographs with both hands.

·         Avoid using pens to mark the back of photographs, if necessary lightly use an HB pencil.

·         Remember that whilst you might know the details of the photograph those looking at it in the future may not.  Allocate each photograph a reference number and then keep a record of the subject, date, location and event.


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