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Uniforms and other textiles

Textiles might include uniform, camp blankets and caps.  Historic textile items are vulnerable to damp, light damage and insect attack, correct storage can help prevent the textile fibres from damage.


·        There are two types of insect which can attack textiles, the carpet beetle and the clothes moth.  If you suspect your item has an infestation gently brush or vacuum away any evidence of larvae or eggs. If possible place the item in a plastic bag or container and store it in a domestic freezer for a week, this will kill off any remaining larvae.

·        Try to avoid storing textiles in plastic bags (including suit covers) as air can’t circulate and damp may build up. 

·        If storing uniform on hangers try to ensure they mimic the shape of human shoulders.  There are guides and films giving guidance on how to make padded hangers on-line.  Then place a cotton cover over the item and hanger.

·         If storing items flat try to avoid excessive folds and place layers of acid-free tissue paper to support folds and areas which might be sensitive such as collars and cuffs.

·        When storing items such as caps or hats make balls of acid free tissue paper to support the crown of the hat.

·        Items such as metal badges which could cause scratches or indentations should not be removed but specifically wrapped in acid-free tissue paper.

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