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Other Collectables

Over the years Scouting has produced all sorts of memorabilia and many people have kept collections to remember specific events from jamborees to jubilees.  Here are some top tips to looking after your collectibles.


·        Keep objects stored in a cool, dark location. 

·        Acid-free cardboard boxes or plastic storage boxes can be used to protect items from environmental damage.

·        When handling delicate items such as ceramics use two hands to support the item, don’t pick it up by the handle or other weak points.

·        Use acid-free tissue paper to wrap, pack and support items.

·        Acid-free tissue paper can be used to make nests to support delicate items.

·        Badges can be stored in sealed plastic bags and labelled using a sticky label on the outside of each bag.  For long term preservation avoid gluing or taping badges into albums as the glue may cause long term damage to the item.

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