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Every penny counts

A desire to support the Armed Forces saw the founding of the Scout Hut and Ambulance Fund.  As today Scouts during the First World War came up with some innovative ways of raising money.  One Cub Pack spent a whole day collecting acorns (these could be used in animal feed) and sold them contributing the proceeds to the Fund.  The Scouts of Belfast raised over £600 by selling bottles making a significant contribution to the fund.



The fund bought much needed ambulances which ended up in service as far afield as the Middle East. Working with other charities, such as the YMCA, Scouts bought and supported the running of huts at Army camps in Belgium, France, Italy and Britain.  The huts provided refreshments and entertainment and a place for men to relax when they weren’t involved in fighting at the Front.  Many of the huts were staffed by former Scouts.  The Heritage Collection holds ‘visitor books’ from the hut at Etaples and is currently undertaking a fascinating project to transcribe these lists.



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