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Jack’s commitment to his duty and comrades and strength in the face of adversity lead to his nomination for a posthumous Victoria Cross, the highest military decoration awarded for valour "in the face of the enemy"  Vice Admiral Beatty wrote


"the instance of devotion to duty by Boy (1st Class) John Travers Cornwell who was mortally wounded early in the action, but nevertheless remained standing alone at a most exposed post, quietly awaiting orders till the end of the action, with the gun's crew dead and wounded around him. He was under 16½ years old. I regret that he has since died, but I recommend his case for special recognition in justice to his memory and as an acknowledgement of the high example set by him."


King George V endorsed the award and Lily Cornwell was invited to Buckingham Palace to receive the Victoria Cross on behalf of her son.  Jack’s was one of four Victoria Crosses awarded for bravery at the Battle of Jutland. 


Jack’s bravery was also recognised by the Scouting community, he was awarded the Bronze Cross, the highest medal for heroism which could be bestowed on a Scout.

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